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Key Concepts

Want to familiarize yourself with some of the principle concepts presented in Ignite the Extraordinary? Keep on reading!

Sustaining Growth Model

Achieving something extraordinary is hard work. And it requires you to break free of an environment of comfort and venture into the realm of the uncomfortable. Many people prefer to stay safe – and ordinary.

In the book, we describe each of the elements of this model and show what it takes to inspire and lead people to move away from complacency, embrace the risk and discomfort of growth, and ultimately reach the place where they again find comfort as they excel.


The Four Career Phases

Think about it... A typical person will devote forty plus years to a career. Given that investment, which often includes the sacrifice of personal and family time, that career better be fulfilling. But for far too many, those decades of work are seen as the price you have to pay to pay the bills, or something equally uninspiring.

In the book we explain each phase of a person’s career. We detail what derails careers or prevents people from ultimately achieving the fulfillment they seek. And we show why the upfront work in the first two phases is so crucial for success in the final two.


You will have new insights for assessing how you are doing and be provided with helpful options you can take to ensure you are on your best career path.

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