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We Ignite the Extraordinary

About A's

Ignite the Extraordinary offers treasured insights about purpose, growth, change and fulfillment. It includes two enormously valuable original Key Concepts, the Sustaining Growth Model and the four Phases of a Complete Career.

Along the way you will also...

  • Discover the purpose of “having purpose.”

  • Understand the process of leading people from debilitating complacency to fulfilling growth.

  • Learn how to effectively inspire others who are in different career/life places.

  • Recognize the immense power of “giving back” and what it provides for you.


Steve Coats


Steve Coats is the managing partner and owner of International Leadership Associates, a leadership development and consulting firm. For over three decades, Steve has taught, coached and consulted with executives and their management teams around the world. He is known for his work in helping organizations develop stronger cultures of leadership excellence and strategic growth.

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Tom Heuer


Tom Heuer is the former Richard A. Forsythe Professor in Entrepreneurship at Miami University (Ohio) and the Farmer School of Business (Ret.). Prior to joining Miami, Tom was Chief Strategy Officer and Head of Innovation at Fifth Third Bank, where he was responsible for corporate/affiliate strategy, disruptive innovation and customer experience. He also was responsible for Executive Talent Development and Engagement.

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