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A Challenging Dilemma

I recently had a work colleague tell me that her twenty-something son had found his passion. He worked with kids at a camp, leading them on climbing adventures. He absolutely loved the work. Trouble was, he was hardly able to even live hand to mouth. He was already giving back – much more of his time and talent than he could withstand for very long. Co-author Tom and I would admit that passion can create some fascinating challenges.

Although a number of young people are on the other side – making a decent living and absolutely hating their work – the dilemma posed here can seem just as challenging. Making ends meet while doing the job he loves will require some innovative, growth-oriented thinking. And this is why our growth concept of “Igniting Possibilities” is so vital. His major challenge is less about the work he is tasked to do, and more about being able to sustain it.

Seeking out and finding new options to resolve that dilemma is likely much more uncomfortable for him than the challenges of being a leader for his kids. But growth requires time in the barrel of the uncomfortable and he will need to muster up the energy to confront those uncomfortable financial demons. With clear purpose and passion fueling him, and hopefully a willingness to ask others for guidance and help, we are convinced that he will be able to discover some decent options, persevere through the ones that don’t work out, and ultimately find a great path forward.

As always, please feel free to comment with your suggestions and opinions.

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