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Power of Purpose After Loss

Recently, I lost my wife of 45 years to cancer. Do I still grieve? Yes. Are there still moments of great sadness? Yes. Do I find my eyes occasionally welling up with tears? Yes to that as well. Am I aimlessly floundering? Absolutely not.

For you see, I discovered a lesson in my recent dark times. Having purposeful work to come back to is an enormous lift in getting life back on track after a deep personal loss. Whether it is a specific mission to be accomplished, or simply work or activity which makes a real difference, having purpose is very therapeutic. It is clearly the antidote to hopelessness and despair, which are often close companions of loss.

Purpose is also the antidote to slightly less intense circumstances, such as complacency or directionless wandering. That is why we spend so much time discussing its importance in our book, Ignite the Extraordinary. When people have purpose, they are more quickly able to bounce back from setbacks. They have the will to persevere through tough stretches. They are more resilient – even more physically and psychologically healthy,

Purpose provides that lift that we all sometimes need in dealing with the twists and turns of work and life. It gives you that welcomed boost to nudge you forward.

With that in mind, we invite you to spend some time reflecting on purpose in your own life, becoming more clear on what you are here to do. This clarity may not make the endeavors you pursue easier, but it will certainly remind you that they are indeed meaningful and worthy of your efforts.

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Madeline Weiler
Madeline Weiler
Jul 13, 2022

Thank you for sharing this, Steve! So much truth and power in what you're saying.


Jul 08, 2022

I totally agree. We all have to have a purpose that will help lift us and drive us forward, even in the moments that we may not feel like it. Valarie

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