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Change Ignites Possibilities

Ever notice how some people just seem to deal with and progress through change much easier than others. One factor which influences a person’s handling of change is often referred to as psychological or emotional hardiness. And one of the key elements of hardiness is the extent to which a person views change as a challenge instead of a threat. People with higher levels of hardiness view change as an opportunity to do something different, perhaps even better, rather than an undesired disruption of comfort in their lives.

So, at what level of hardiness are you during most types of change?

One of the most relevant principles I have learned about change is this. People are more likely to resist change done to them than change done by them. For the hardy, when some kind of uncontrollable change is done to them, they immediately focus on what can be done by them to make the best of the change. They spend no time lamenting “why” it occurred. Rather, they start developing options to begin creating forward momentum. Change for them actually becomes an igniter of possibilities.

Remember that we all get smacked in the face with change we never wanted. Depending on the size and scope, we will need varying amounts of time to accept it and ultimately let go of the old ways. Wishing a change never happened is neither helpful nor therapeutic. So, when change occurs, remind yourself of the need to kick in your hardiness. Don’t ponder over whether you can ever change yourself, start thinking about “how” you can immediately change. Focus on steps which can be done by you to offset what has been done to you. That, you will find, will ignite a number of new possibilities, helping you grow and be able to accomplish more.

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