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Be a Difference Maker – HARD VS. EASY

Today, it is difficult to teach entrepreneurial leadership…PERIOD. Why? Most people I meet in corporations have embraced being “comfortable and ordinary.” Complacency has invaded many organizations succeeding in impacting their results and affecting their employees’ future. It has gone viral. And companies are in complete denial about their situation. How does this happen? Consider this principle – “hard vs. easy.”

What do we mean by “hard vs. easy.” A mindset of an entrepreneurial leader is to be a Difference Maker (DM). DMs say “let’s take on the “hard” problems right now – no delay. They understand how important it is to confront the difficult situations NOW and work through them. The DM knows it will take patience, perseverance and tenacity. Their constant engagement and people encouragement will be a critical element in cracking the code. DMs believe that if the “hard” problems are tackled and not “put off” – life becomes easier and the work environment becomes less stressful and more productive. DMs are relentless in solving the tough problems and in motivating their people to take action as well. Understand this – if you have people responsibility, the high-performers are watching to see if you are eager to tackle and solve the difficult strategic, HR, and customer issues. Or will you waiver and take the easy way out by not addressing the situation. If so, YOU have decided to eliminate personal growth by sidelining learning. In addition, the customer will suffer because the solutions will lack innovation.

Why do so-called “leaders” ignore wrestling with the “hard” problems? Why are these troubling situations for companies and employees allowed to persist? It may revolve around this entrepreneurial leadership formula:

Passion + Struggle = Extraordinary Results

Many managers lack the passion for or interest in solving the difficult problems. It demands hard work, takes maximum effort and calls for total dedication to resolve. Struggle is a necessity. Instant gratification is not part of the formula. DMs see the problem; they understand the impact if it remains intact; and they convince people to want to struggle with them for a solution. It is PASSION that moves DMs to recognize the opportunity and pursue it. It takes leaders who are motivated to move from ordinary to extraordinary.


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