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Failure And Hope – What A Couple!

Here is what I know. Failure produces perseverance; perseverance develops character; and character leads to hope. Over the last few years, many of my students have come to recognize the importance of failure. A recent graduate wrote to me – “I am growing more comfortable taking risks, making mistakes, and picking myself back up after failure – I see the light.” Wow! I leaped for joy. She is not burying her head in the sand after a defeat but embracing failure as THE significant learning opportunity.

Experimenting and taking risks delivers new ideas. Holding ‘pat’ hands and wishing for a victory provides stale mates. Yes, failures will occur and disappointments will happen. But, due to the leader’s willingness to learn from each disappointment, personal growth will ensue and hope will emerge. People will start the journey from ordinary to extraordinary.

For many, hope might seem distant after failure. I have experienced being devastated. It is demoralizing. But, even more demoralizing is opening up your arms to defeat. So, our only option is to keep trying, failing & learning…trying, failing & learning. Without perseverance, the path to hope remains in darkness. Understand that arriving at HOPE is a beautiful and remarkable destination. All awesome journeys experience failure. Remember – if you keep going, hope is waiting for you at different stops along the route. Failure and Hope – What a match made in Heaven.

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